About Alinga

AboutAlinga Studios provides intuitive heart balancing sessions incorporating BodyTalk, reiki, chakra rebalancing and meridian calibration for discerning clients who want to shift themselves out of neutral and get unstuck physically, creatively or emotionally.

Combining spirituality and emotional energy work, Alinga shows you how to connect your body to your heart and live in the present. With greater connection to core creative energy, clients are able to access inner strength and confidence, freeing them to realize their dreams.

Clients leave feeling less pain, more emotional balance, and greater clarity. Providing sanctuary from daily stresses and pressures, Alinga offers sacred space for healing and growth.

The Alinga Philosophy

The physical body is the storehouse for everything you’ve experienced – emotions, beliefs, and memories. All of these things are stored as energy, so when we work with the body using either massage or energy work we can impact far more than just the physical structures and physiological functions. We can actually help the body to process and release energy that is blocking healthy functioning of the system – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

When you work at an energetic and consciousness level, it enables you to access the core reasons for imbalance. This means that when you connect with physical tension and pain, watching and being present to what is going on, connecting to the physical and emotional components as well as the consciousness based elements, you can connect to all the layers that contribute to the tension. When you are present to energy – particularly stuck emotional energy – it moves! Emotions such as sadness, anger or fear might surface, but once they surface, they can quickly dissipate, leaving you with a sense of relief. It can open a doorway that reveals aspects of yourself of which you were previously unaware of.

Clearing stuck energy allows you to connect more fully to your heart and body, aligning you with your goals. At Alinga we connect you to your core creative energy – your essential energy – which gives you the strength and confidence to shift out of neutral and realize your goals and dreams. Using the body as an access point, you can work through your blocks and explore your “path”. Once you establish the mind/heart/body connection through bodywork you will start listening to the body and to tap into the wisdom it has to offer.


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