Mind Control in Heart Writing

abq_deadwildflowers1The Mind Level

The heart space has the capacity to integrate all four levels – mind, body, heart/ emotions and spirit but when we do introspective work often we find that we are clogged up in specific areas, that certain areas can be more of a challenge for us than others. When we are challenged on one level, it throws the balance off in all the levels.

Our mind is a controlling barstard sometimes. (says she in a broad Aussie accent – we love to say the word “barstard”) Often we really just want the mind to shut the f*#% up, but it won’t.

A bit of a control freak, the mind can convince of many things which aren’t true. If we do not challenge the mind, then we get stuck in repetitive patterns.

Heart writing gives us a chance to take pause, step back and ask the mind some questions.

One of the biggest obstacles with the mind is the derisive comments about the heart. According to the mind the heart has nothing to offer to us, is a waste of space, tends to complicate things, is overly emotional and tends to make things messy and out of control.

Many people believe the mind. A lot of attention is paid to the mind.

Whilst all this attention is paid to the mind, the heart can’t be heard. How do we gain access to the inner murmuring of the heart?

How Writing Helps

  • In heart writing we don’t go into combat with the mind. Heart writing is fundamentally about embodying non-judgment, and witnessing our process.
  • Listening to the mind through heart writing, documenting what it has to say, listening to the loud critical and negative voices, we come to understand the mind more and to get more perspective on the mind.
  • Partnering the heart writing practice with meditation we are able to observe our mind, relinquishing judgement and merely being curious about what the mind has to say. This creates some distance less identification as the mind as part of our identity.
  • In the process of witnessing the mind we find we have access to a different voice, the voice of the heart.
  • Through writing, meditation and reflection we come to realize that there are different voices within us.
  • Distinguishing between the voices is a huge step in becoming more integrated, and helps us on the path to creating a peace treaty with the heart and the mind.

When we create more balance in the mind, then the heart, emotions, spirit and body can be more aligned, and with greater equality there is space to become more whole.

Vulnerability and Knee-quivering Fear

abq_drywildflowers1Vulnerability and knee-quivering fear – these are potent places of growth and transformation.

At these emotional intersections there is a choice – move away from the feeling or move toward it.

When we feel vulnerable our body is communicating information to us. We are close to something that is important to us. Vulnerability can be the guidepost to experiences that could expand our energy and connect us more deeply to ourselves.

At this vulnerable intersection our mind panics. What happens when you allow yourself to be in your vulnerability?

Vulnerability Exercise

  1. Take some time to find a comfortable place to sit in meditation.
  2. Allow yourself to move closer to the emotion allowing the emotions to move or grow bigger, staying present noticing the discomfort.
  3. What happens when you let emotions flow? Do they get bigger, or do they dissipate?
  4. Without expectation notice if you see an inner doorway to yourself to help you drop into a deeper level of connection to yourself?

Follow-up Writing

Write about the experience allowing yourself to reflect on how you have dealt with your vulnerability in the past. Have you avoided it, dismissed it, stomped all over it? How would you like to deal with your vulnerability moving forward?

Are you ready to set an intention to be present to your vulnerability?

* Brene Brown has a great book called “Daring Greatly” along with Ted talks and other books. She has researched and talks extensively about vulnerability and the importance of us learning how to be present to our vulnerability.

Sacred Space for Your Dreams

Photo Jan 05, 4 43 35 PMDreaming as a part of manifesting the life you want to live requires you to make space for it.

Are there things you have been dreaming of doing? What happens when you connect deeply within yourself – what is it that you would really love to do? Does it feel dangerous to explore this? Do you have a cascade of negative voices, naysayers, imploring you to stick with your conservative life, warning you away from the dangers of dreaming?

Our dreams and true desires are like small seeds when we first connect to them. They require nurturing, the right environment and ecology to grow, and nourishment. They won’t grow without your attention.

There are many ways to offer your dreams sacred attention. Ways to honor your personal truth, the truth of what you are dreaming.

With this precious dream, you can create space to nurture and grow your desire.

Sacred Space Ideas

  • An altar which can include special objects, crystals, rocks, nature based elements, tarot cards, inspirational quotes.
  • A journal you write in exploring all aspects of what you want. A heart writing practice is a sensitive and gentle way to make space for aspirations
  • A crystal grid to amp up flow of energy. Crystals align you with your higher truth, with many connecting you to higher guidance.
  • A vision board – gives your dreams and aspirations the chance to expand, for the juicy details to be explored. It taps into the part of your creative brain that is full of ideas.

As we dive more deeply into our true desires, there is a natural clearing of emotions and beliefs that block the manifestation of our dreams.

Stay present, and return to creating sacred space for your dreams to grow. Nurture them.

Enhancing Your Intuition and Channeling Ability

Photo Jan 01, 9 48 16 PMWhat helps you gain increased access to channeled information?

I like crystals as a method to balance and calibrate my energy, and certain crystals are very good at helping with getting increased channeled information and psychic impressions. Some that I like: lemurian seed quartz, amethyst, moldavite (very strong, not for faint hearted!), celestite, clear quartz, selenite.

Crystals also help to strengthen and clear your energy field and reinforce your boundaries. I like smokey quartz, jet and tourmaline as crystals to use in combination with higher vibration crystals aiding your channeling abilities, that help to ground you, clear negative energies, and prevent negative energies entering your energy field.

How to use crystals to enhance channeling?

Crystals holds an energy vibration and a consciousness, so when we sit in meditation with them they change and shift our energy.

Take time to meditate and hold a crystal or more than one crystal while you meditate. You may decide to hold one at a time to experience the energy separately.

Allow yourself to be connected to your heart space, body energies, etheric energies around the body, and energetic boundaries. Notice how the crystal changes your energy. Do you feel more grounded? Do you feel clearer? Is it easier to access your intuition and do you get at greater flow of channeled information?

Share in the comments! My favorite thing – gabbing about crystals!

The Art of Self Honesty

58_AlingaSkyUFOA phrase I use a lot in workshops and in sessions is “Can you be honest with yourself? That’s all we are doing is being honest with ourselves.”

It is amazing how hard it is for us to be honest with ourselves about what is working in our lives and what isn’t.

It is the greatest form of self care to acknowledge and listen to ourselves when things are not working for us in our lives.

How to develop the skill of self honesty?

  • Start with journaling about self honesty. In your journaling, ask yourself, “Am I being honest with myself about my life?” Notice the sensations in the body – do you feel opening, a clear feeling in the body, or does your body tighten up? If it tightens, that is a no, and there is more exploration to be done.
  • Journal about the aspects of your life that are not working for you. Let yourself be honest, but don’t feel like you need to make decisions straight away, just let yourself be honest and see things clearly. This can be painful.
  • Sometimes the things that aren’t working for us aren’t always the big things like job, marriage, family, friends. Often there are many small things that aren’t working like the jeans we wear all the time that don’t fit or feel good, or the foods that we are eating, or the way that we automatically say yes to things to please others. Just be honest – is it working for you or does something need to change?

Allow yourself to delve into the world of self honesty, taking mindful steps into your inner world. No need to trample through your inner world. Be gentle, honest, and kind to yourself. Let me know how it goes in the comments!!

3 Heart Writing Exercises to Strengthen Your Seedling Dream

abq_closeuptubularflowers1Share Your Vision

Try your ideas and visions out on people you trust, who you are already aligned with your vision. This will help you grow confidence, and then gradually you can expand the number of people you share your seedling with, as the sprout gets stronger. Write a list exploring who is in alignment. Tune into the heart, and allow “unexpected” names to surface


Practice heart meditation and the practice of self honesty to clarify what your vision is and to hash out the details.

Connecting to Your Guides

Connecting to the heart center and allowing heart energy to flow will bring the aid of your spirit guides and other guides to assist with nurturing your seedling dream. Using meditation or journaling, listen to the inner murmurings of the heart, to your inner knowing. Notice fear, but allow yourself to stay present and connected to the heart space to help it gently shift.

Happy Let-Your-Heart-Flow Day!

abq_chillipeppers2Today is the day to honor your heart and let love flow, to acknowledge any heaviness that is hanging out in the heart and to set the intention to let it go, or at least to lighten up!

There are so many awesome ways to amp up the flow of heart energy so that it is more flowing within you and more accessible to the people around you.

Sometimes sad experiences, heart break, heart confusion, stuck anger in the heart, fear of being hurt, fear of being loved, a contracted, tight heart all prevent your heart from flowing in a natural way.

It is natural for the heart energy to flow and heart energy supports the whole body by supervising what goes on in the body. It plays a huge role in the balance of emotions and when we employ the help of the heart it can really help us lighten up any stuck energy in the heart and throughout the body.

In order to empower the heart to help us lighten up, we need to do something to raise the vibration of the heart. This doesn’t need to be complicated. There is so much research supporting the fact that simply looking around our world at the things that we appreciates shifts the vibration in the heart.

So even if sadness, fear, anger, or confusion is feeling entangled in the heart, set the intention to let go of this heaviness whilst you take a walk and see what you see in your immediate environment.

Right now the sun is setting here in Seattle casting a gorgeous orange glow over the grey clouds and it is simple things like this that can kick start the heart to see what it loves in this world. Once we tip the balance by amping up the vibration of the heart, the body is more equipped to release the heaviness.

Have a fun heart day, love day. Let your heart energy flow, baby, flow!!

Releasing Toxicity

abq_sepiacactus1Trust that letting go of dysfunction, toxic influences, old out-dated patterns, relationships that take your power away, and anything else that needs to shift is the way to true health in mind, body, and spirit.

Toxic influences are rampant in our life, and whether the toxicity is mental, emotional, spiritual or physical, the bodymind has to deal with it, and clear it out.

If toxicity levels become high, then you become stressed, emotional discombobulated, overwhelmed, confused, find it difficult to think clearly, find it difficult to make decisions, feel uncertain and doubt yourself, become overly self critical as you try to regain control.

Examples of toxicity

  • Relationships in which the person overtly or subtly puts you down
  • Abuse – physical, emotional, sexual
  • Manipulation
  • People who disrespect boundaries
  • Sensory overload – sound, touch, visual input (busy, chaotic environment)
  • People who talk at you, and do not participate in a reciprocal relationship
  • People who blame you for everything that happens in their life
  • People who ‘dump’ on you, and when they leave, you feel heavy, burdened, cluttered

Springtime is a good time to set some intentions regarding patterns that you want to release and leave behind like the snow and cold, creating a fresh start for your aspirations in the new season.

Letting go can be painful and uncomfortable, but keep focused on your intuition, and follow the path to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Do it mindfully, and purposefully. This will create space for increasing the flow of your mojo and the true you!!

How to Cultivate your Mojo

65_flowerbkgdMojo n. uncanny personal power or influence (Source: World Dictionary)

How do you feel about your uncanny personal power and influence?

If you feel totally jazzed and excited, fabulous. Rock it! Rock out your mojo!

Or, does it make you feel uncomfortable? Do you have a relationship with your personal power and influence?

Take some time to either meditate or journal about your relationship with your personal power.

But don’t judge yourself. There is no right or wrong, we are all on a journey, and the exciting thing is that you may be really ready to break through and access your mojo! That’s awesome!

Change your habit energy

I love this concept based on a Zen story about a man and a horse in which the horse is galloping and the man is heading somewhere urgently. When asked where he was going he replied, “I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

Our days become very scheduled and we slip into our familiar routine. Part of that routine is to avoid being present to your mojo. It’s time to change your habit energy.

Over the next week, twice a day, think about your mojo, your personal power and influence, what I like to call the juicy essence of you, the core part of you that makes you who you are.

Take a soft, gentle approach.

This is a mindful approach. Be present, be curious, just notice what you notice.

Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life by Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr Lilian Cheung2.

Go on a mojo date

What do you really love, what makes you burst at the seams? What do you really love to do that you don’t very often tell people, but makes you really feel like you when you do it or even think about it.

In the book, The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, she introduces this concept of an artists date, where you take yourself out on an artists date, to do something creative. I have modified this to call it a mojo date.

What do you really want to do? Choose something, and go on your mojo date within the next week, ideally by yourself.

Artist’s dates, mojo dates, personal retreats. We need to give ourselves space, to break out of habit energy, and to take the time to do the things in life that make us happy. And to find the things that make us happy that we didn’t even know about!

Mindful by Design

61_hurricaneridgetree_OlympicPenWe have the right to be whoever we want to be. There is no rule dictating the way we should be. Working in the healing field I’m often fascinated by how guilty people feel if they don’t regularly meditate, are inconsistent in their yoga practice, or forget to do their self Reiki when they really could have used it.

At times it seems like people have an extensive internal checklist, fundamentally unachievable, which if they do not meet means they can’t really be called mindful. I do it myself. I say, I’m not really like a lot of Reiki teachers, because I do it a different way, I don’t do Reiki all day long, sometimes I use other modalities and blah, blah, blah….

I think this is a common mentality, that I’m not doing it right or I should spend more time doing ‘x’ or I’ve got some work to do and then I will be good enough.

This puts life on hold, off in the future, someplace.

What if you are fine the way you are now? What if, this is the way you are meant to be? And what if you can be as mindful as you want or don’t want, and that is completely fine?

I like the idea that we can design our own life, that we can integrate mindfulness by allowing it to flow into a variety of aspects of our life. Who says that when we are down the pub with friends, or watching the kids at a soccer match, or vegging out in front of the tv that we are not being mindful?

To categorize things is a very western approach, so if we with look at life through the lens of a more eastern approach we see that each moment flows into the next, that mindfulness is just about taking notice.

You can take notice as little or as much as you want, and taking notice of yourself not taking notice is exercising mindfulness, as well!

Play with the design of your life. Look at the unexpected places where you can simply bring a presence, a simple curiosity to your life. You might find that mindfulness can be fluid and fun, and incorporated in unexpected ways.