Judgment Crushes Intuition! Are You Ready to (re)Connect?

Photo Dec 14, 3 41 41 PMSelf judgment and the judgment of others is like kryptonite for intuition. Second guessing, doubt, self criticism, criticism from our family and friends (or people who we don’t even know that well) all derails and weakens our connection and trust in our intuition.

Fear is judgments fuel which energizes and expands judgment, whether that is the judgment of others or our own. It activates the mind into a loop of thoughts that relentlessly and sometimes viciously attack the deeper instincts.

Judgment activates inner voices that tell you you are stupid for listening to the inner voice, that there is no validity or proof that the inner voice has anything to offer. For many of us we are thrown off by judgment which can result in a feeling of not being fully connected to the body. It sets up a cycle of anxiety, tension and sometimes depression which people often find hard to disengage from. This is when you know that fear dressed up as judgment is in control.

Although we all have complex personal obstacles to accessing and trusting our intuition, judgment universally derails intuition, and when you are in this cycle the only solution is to take action.

What action is necessary? The solution is self acceptance, facing your fears, and getting reconnected to the body, mind and spirit. When we spend the time to get reconnected through meditation, walking in nature, reiki, use of crystals, yoga or other forms of exercise we are able to feel the presence of our inner voice.

Take a moment to get still and take some deep breaths. Whilst sitting or standing comfortably feel the deep breaths in the body. Connect to the energy flow in the body. Next connect to the energy bubble that is around the body, that extends 1 1/2 to 2 feet around the body. Don’t overthink, just know that it is there. Then put your hand over the heart space, and feel the energy in the heart. When we do this we gain access to our own self acceptance. This is our starting point.

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Bold & Intelligent Intuition in Biz

boldintuitionCircleYou are an intuitive, empathic, heart-centered business owner who wants to make a difference in the world with your business offerings!

Do you have a crazy biz-intuition plan that you have never told anyone?

Society is afraid of you. It is afraid that you will listen. It is afraid of the unknown, and it is this fear that fuels a derisive societal commentary, not because intuition is a weakness or that we are “stupid” to be listening to our intuition. The commentary is because intuition is your POWER.

When we connect with this power we are FLOODED, and when we get flooded with information this can be overwhelming.

Many have learned or been taught to navigate their intuition. Like me, many have had great teachers who guide them on the intuitive journey to TRUST intuition, and to SEE CLEARLY that what we have been told by society was not correct.

Listening to your inner guidance helps you get access to the business ideas and life ideas that can help us truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world and be aligned with what makes us happy and feel satisfied that we are doing what we are meant to do in the world. Your soul purpose. When your ego/ mind tells you your ideas are stupid, you stop there, but what your intuition wants is for you to really listen and explore what your intuition is telling you.

I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on a new online offering, Bold Intuition: A 5 Step Process to Release Fear & Empower Your Business. An intelligent and reliable way to access your intuition!

Watch out for more information and freebies as I gear up to share this course with you guys!

Peace of the Heart by Renee Li


I am super excited to be interviewing Renee Li of Om Wisdom and Wellness. It has been such an honor to witness the process of Renee writing her book! I got such a lot out of reading it, with palpable energy shifts happening as I read it. Noticing the energetic impact it had on me as I witnessed Renee’s personal story added emphasis to the reality that witnessing each others stories truly helps us heal.

If you would like to pick up a copy visit the book website, Peace of the Heart , to read more. And now, here are a few questions that I had for Renee!

Andrea: The story of you losing your sister when you were three and then suppressing the memory is very powerful and painful. Do you have thoughts or advice for people who “think” they have a memory of something that happened in childhood that they don’t know about and how to deal with the “not knowing”? 

Yes, early age memory can be foggy around some traumatic events if it was too overwhelming for our younger selves to cope with. We may not remember what exactly happened but have a sense of it through the energy of suppressed emotions that still reside in our energy body.

For example, someone who was abused as a child may suspect they were abused but can’t pull up any real clear memory as proof to themselves. In these cases, I might recommend practicing self-love as I describe in the book because the energy of self-love will allow the inner child, who had the direct experience with the abuse, to feel a bit safer and supported. Then as the feeling of safety becomes more prevalent for your inner child, the memories around the event can become more clear in the Now adult’s consciousness.

But there are more benefits to practicing self-love than just creating safety and clarity like I have mentioned above. It will also help to resolve the emotions of anger and resentment that have been stored in your cellular memory. These are emotions that the inner child could not express or resolve on his own at that age. The high vibration of self-love uproots those suppressed emotions and releases it from our emotional body. Self-love has the power to transmute negative energy to match its own high vibration. This is actually similar to how energy healing works. When you apply a higher vibration healing energy (like love) to your energy field, things are bound to come up for healing. This is the only way old emotions can be released; when it comes up once again to the surface of our conscious mind where it can be acknowledged, loved and let go!

Andrea: When it comes to the sandbag dilemma and how we let go of our emotional baggage, all of us will go through this process at a different pace. What has been your experience regarding the speed at which people are able to let go of their sandbags?

In the book I compare our healing journeys to a hot air balloon. Sandbags are the emotional baggage that we need to release in order to finally LIFT OFF into the higher vibration of peace that we all seek. And you are right, Andrea! We all walk through our healing at different paces.

There are 7 billion people on this Earth which results in 7 billion unique healing and spiritual journeys. It’s like stars and snowflakes. No two are alike. Everyone has their own path and journey. In addition to this, each individual can choose the pace at which they complete that journey.

Inner work such as healing definitely takes courage and commitment and sometimes it can be extremely uncomfortable; depending on what it is we need to face. One thing I would recommend to everyone is to show yourself compassion as you navigate your healing journey. If do not feel ready to face an old suppressed wound, then allow yourself some time. It is okay to do that. On the flip side, you could be making excuses to avoid having to face the uncomfortable emotions. Only YOU know if you truly need some more time or if you need some extra support or simply need a kick in the pants to face what you need to face. No one else can tell you how quickly or slowly you should be healing. It’s your own unique journey. Please go at your own pace while staying in integrity with your inner guidance and knowing.

Andrea: Can you talk more about peace and love being a birthright? I think this is important to remember. 

Yes, in the book, I talk about claiming the energy of peace and love because it is our birthright. What do I mean by birthright? Well, God only knows love and peace. We are birthed from God, and so we are his reflection. We can only be love and peace at our core essence and we fully deserve to experience this at all times because it is who we are.

Feelings of abandonment, betrayal, anger, worry, fear, shame or guilt prevents us from living our life from that core essence of peace. When we allow those negative emotions to make a home in our energy field, we start living our life as if those negative emotions are a constant Truth for us and eventually that anger or worry becomes part of our identity.  Other people may start to label us as an angry person or someone who worries too much. But none of those negative emotions have anything to do with the real and TRUE Being that we are; which is a loving and peaceful Being. When we strip away all the negative emotions that we have cultivated throughout our lives, we are left with complete peace. The way we claim back that peace is through releasing past emotional pain. Once we heal our emotional body, we now have the opportunity to, once again, allow peace and love to flow to us and to all areas of our life; the peace and love that is us, our truth, our birthright and which we all fully deserve without condition.


roundRenee Li is a metaphysical teacher, author, energy healer, Channel and physical empath. As the Founder of Om Wisdom and Wellness, she facilitates the healing and awakening of divine Wisdom for spiritual Truth Seekers around the world. Over the years, Renee has developed her relationships with her team of Spirit Guides and continues to work with them on a daily basis to direct her teaching focus. She enjoys teaching others how to (1) raise their vibration in order to access a steady flow of peace and joy, (2) connect with their Spirit Guides and (3) increase their light quotient. www.OmWisdomAndWellness.com

The Art of Self Honesty

Photo Jun 12, 7 51 31 AMA phrase I use a lot in workshops and in sessions is “Can you be honest with yourself? That’s all we are doing is being honest with ourselves.”

It is amazing how hard it is for us to be honest with ourselves about what is working in our lives and what isn’t.

It is the greatest form of self care to acknowledge and listen to ourselves when things are not working for us in our lives.

How to develop the skill of self honesty?

  • Start with journaling about self honesty. In your journaling, ask yourself, “Am I being honest with myself about my life?” Notice the sensations in the body – do you feel opening, a clear feeling in the body, or does your body tighten up? If it tightens, that is a no, and there is more exploration to be done.
  • Journal about the aspects of your life that are not working for you. Let yourself be honest, but don’t feel like you need to make decisions straight away, just let yourself be honest and see things clearly. This can be painful.
  • Sometimes the things that aren’t working for us aren’t always the big things like job, marriage, family, friends. Often there are many small things that aren’t working like the jeans we wear all the time that don’t fit or feel good, or the foods that we are eating, or the way that we automatically say yes to things to please others. Just be honest – is it working for you or does something need to change?

Allow yourself to delve into the world of self honesty, taking mindful steps into your inner world. No need to trample through your inner world. Be gentle, honest, and kind to yourself. Let me know how it goes in the comments!! :)

Are you being told you are not worthy?

BoundariesAreSelfLoveWhen we talk about worthiness we focus on the person who doesn’t feel worthy, encouraging that person to let go of those feelings, to uncover the core beliefs that are blocking that person from feeling worthy. We try and help people to “feel” love and happiness, to open to the flow of love, but one thing that occurs to me is we don’t very often talk about the fact that people on a regular basis, sometimes daily, are overtly told they are not worthy.

What do you do when you are told so frequently that you are not worthy, either in a subtle, back-handed way, or overtly?

I am not sure I have an answer. I am not sure that I can say that there is a simple method of overcoming the grief and hurt of being treated badly so routinely. What we need to remember is that this is abuse, and people who have been abused, which sadly is a large number of people, become accustomed to the abuse, it becomes the norm.

A sad truth is that many people who are abusive are out of control and often unaware of their abuse pattern. They are frequently disconnected from their body, and from this out of balance place, they lose a sense of what is right and wrong, how to be kind and loving without hurting others. 

The person being abused can seem to be bobbing on water believing the person abusing them; their situation is not grounded and there seems to be nothing to rely on as they work on turning their situation around.

I see people who look like they are making great progress who all of a sudden disappear below the water, and often the ”sinking” doesn’t happen relative to the degree of abuse, but instead the person “sinks” due to the exhaustion of long term abuse. Simply put, it wears you down.

  • I want to say, leave the situation.
  • I want to say, set boundaries to clearly communicate that you won’t tolerate it anymore.
  • I want to say, you don’t deserve it.
  • I want to say, it’s time to find the people who will honor and cherish you.
  • I want to say, move the abuse and negativity out of your energy field – it isn’t yours.
  • I want to say, you can find your footing on your true path, I know you can.
  • I want to say, gather the parts of yourself together, I will help you. You CAN move forward.
  • I want this for all those who have been in this situation. I really do.

Being out of the abusive situation is key to healing and reclaiming a sense of worthiness.

We can’t control the behaviors of others. We can only do what we can do. Abuse makes it hard to think straight, hard to stay in the body, and hard to release the embedded belief that we have done something wrong.

What I will say is that love helps. Love and acceptance of ourselves and our choices. Loving ourselves, and building up the courage to set the daily intention not to allow ourselves to be abused.

I am writing this blog for everyone who has been in abusive situations, but also for those who are witness to others in abusive situations.

Give them space. Space, love and acceptance is what they need, and when the right time comes they will do what they need to do to reclaim themselves and truly feel worthiness.

The Negative Mind: Why does it have so much power over us?

Photo Jan 05, 1 02 02 PMRecently there have been a number of people posting on Facebook about negativity, people experiencing “haters”, and others being subjected to people projecting their negative feelings under the guise of being honest, a trend I don’t support. Seems like many people are taking their fear, rage and frustration out on others and calling it “just being honest”. I am a big believer that we need to own our crap!!! Interestingly, it isn’t always that easy to shift the negative brain into a positive state. It is a neurological reality.

Reading “The Naked Brain” by Richard Restak recently, I was interested to read about how the brain is more biased to negative information, and in research that studies the response of the brain to positive news versus negative news, the brain orients to the negative, and it takes a lot longer for the brain to process negative news. Consequently the brain stays in a negative state longer.

In addition, the negative experiences or emotions tend to trigger a fight, flight and freeze response in the body, an autonomic nervous system response, which the body needs to recover from. Hence we get “stuck” in our negative thinking and negative feelings.

When we are stuck in negative patterns, negative thinking, and emotions that are making us feel bad, we are unlikely to be able to just snap out of this pattern because it is a neurological and physiological response from the body mind. We can’t shift, that is, unless we take some positive action.

What actions can you take?

1. Self Reiki  – Reiki will help to calm and shift the fight and flight response, restoring peace and harmony to the energy system, and helping create that doorway for the “good” feelings to return, and the space to hold onto the good feelings.

2. Meditation – When we meditate we are able to bring presence and awareness to our mental state, and during a mindfulness of breathing meditation, bringing a state of awareness and observation, we are able to see the negative cycle. This can sometimes be disturbing whilst in meditation, and many feel like they are failing in meditation if they can’t stop the mind and it’s negative patterns, but through witnessing our thoughts we are able to get distance from them, and break the cycle. Meditation also shifts the physiology of the fight and flight response.

3. Getting out in nature – During a period of time when I was dealing with a lot of anger, a practitioner I was working with suggested when it became all consuming I should go outside. She said, “Have you ever noticed you can’t stay angry when you are outside in nature?” Some of the best advice I have received!!! I use this tool to shift my mood and negative thinking. Try it! Notice the feeling of being outside. As we let these good feelings they register neurological. It may not happen straight away, but as we walk, move our body, listen to the waves, feel the wind on our face, we create an opportunity to embrace and feel.

Use your sensory system to seek out positive sensory experiences to shift your habitually negative mind and emotions, and replace it with good feelings. Make a habit of it, a habit of doing things that make you feel good. This simple advice works.

Visceral Wisdom Expands Our Consciousness

carnelianI am curious about wisdom from a body-connected perspective. Do you notice when you feel in the flow, when you feel true wisdom flowing through you, that there is a “feeling” of flow in the body?

When we are truly in the flow sharing information that has a universal meaning, which is to say, it feels applicable to all of us as human beings, we can feel the sensation in the body.

The sensation for individuals will vary but the common denominator will be that it feels “right” and connected. When we feel connected to our body we are connected to the cosmos and earth energies, and the flow of wisdom or guidance can be heard, received as thoughts, or sensed in a kinesthetic way, a way in which you just know things and you are not sure why you know them.

The flow of wisdom is visceral. It isn’t disconnected and floaty, although many will have had various experiences. When the flow of wisdom is felt in the body the “rightness” of the information is perceived through the subtle sensory system.

Clearing out the energies and emotions that prevent us from being connected to the body helps us receive the wisdom more clearly, and this clarity helps us see what we can do with the information as a part of the consciousness expansion we are all experiencing.

P.S. Had to share this BEAUTIFUL carnelian photograph because it, too, is expanding our consciousness!!! Opportunities abound!

The Hear in Heart

Photo Dec 31, 2 23 35 PMAre you listening to your heart more? Are you listening to the inner whispers? Can you hear the voice, or is there a sense that the inner voice is still hiding? Have you asked that inner part why it is hiding?

Heart writing connects us deeply with this inner world, a world in which we are reconnected with many parts of ourselves that have not been out in the world for a long time. Some parts are not meant to be ‘out in the world’ as such, but others, our deep creative urges, or the seven year old who used to love to write in her diary, or the teenager who yearned to break out of academic purgatory and express herself or himself with big bold creative strokes, desire strongly to be seen, acknowledged and heard..

Sometimes the parts that seem to be very dark, angry or sad parts, will shift dramatically when we, our adult selves, connect with them, honor their feelings, honor their thoughts and ideas, honor their awesomeness!! Approach yourself with wonder and curiosity, compassion and acceptance.

We are complex. We are made up of many parts. When we develop a practice of heart writing we are reunited with many dynamic and powerful parts of ourselves.

Who have you been reunited with? Who, within you, is trying to speak to you? I’d love to hear more.

What Happens When You Speak Your Truth?

abq_oldtown_churches2When you speak your truth you release something that is taking up space within you, something which is being held back, often because of a fear of how it may be received. Is it time for you to let go of the pattern of holding back your truth?

Often we get wrapped up in a web of concern for how people will react if we speak our truth. In releasing your truth, you free yourself of unnecessary baggage. In this way, you let go of your attachment to how another will feel or react.

When we let go of the attachment to another person’s opinion, we release the power it has over us. Because our truth has a potent power, a concentration of authenticity that is yours and only yours.

In allowing yourself to have an opinion and to have a say in how you live your life, you simultaneously release fear and reclaim your power, thus opening an inner door to your truth.

You open the door, you clear away the boxes of fear and guilt and worry, and you let go of opinions. This creates a deeper, inner connection to yourself.

As you enter the flow, the fluid motion of a creative life, you are free to live your life by following you inner instincts rather than being governed by others. You live your life based on your truth.

Mind Control in Heart Writing

abq_deadwildflowers1The Mind Level

The heart space has the capacity to integrate all four levels – mind, body, heart/ emotions and spirit but when we do introspective work often we find that we are clogged up in specific areas, that certain areas can be more of a challenge for us than others. When we are challenged on one level, it throws the balance off in all the levels.

Our mind is a controlling barstard sometimes. (says she in a broad Aussie accent – we love to say the word “barstard”) Often we really just want the mind to shut the f*#% up, but it won’t.

A bit of a control freak, the mind can convince of many things which aren’t true. If we do not challenge the mind, then we get stuck in repetitive patterns.

Heart writing gives us a chance to take pause, step back and ask the mind some questions.

One of the biggest obstacles with the mind is the derisive comments about the heart. According to the mind the heart has nothing to offer to us, is a waste of space, tends to complicate things, is overly emotional and tends to make things messy and out of control.

Many people believe the mind. A lot of attention is paid to the mind.

Whilst all this attention is paid to the mind, the heart can’t be heard. How do we gain access to the inner murmuring of the heart?

How Writing Helps

  • In heart writing we don’t go into combat with the mind. Heart writing is fundamentally about embodying non-judgment, and witnessing our process.
  • Listening to the mind through heart writing, documenting what it has to say, listening to the loud critical and negative voices, we come to understand the mind more and to get more perspective on the mind.
  • Partnering the heart writing practice with meditation we are able to observe our mind, relinquishing judgement and merely being curious about what the mind has to say. This creates some distance less identification as the mind as part of our identity.
  • In the process of witnessing the mind we find we have access to a different voice, the voice of the heart.
  • Through writing, meditation and reflection we come to realize that there are different voices within us.
  • Distinguishing between the voices is a huge step in becoming more integrated, and helps us on the path to creating a peace treaty with the heart and the mind.

When we create more balance in the mind, then the heart, emotions, spirit and body can be more aligned, and with greater equality there is space to become more whole.