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Are you an over-empathizer?

Are you an over empathizer?Over-empathizing can be described as becoming overly concerned with what is going on with other people. Mostly we think of it as a form of compassion, but it can result in people feeling badly for others, or being in shock on behalf of others.

People drawn to energy work often have the ability to tune into other people’s emotions in a detailed way. Returning to the body and grounding the energy in our heart space can help relieve some of the stress around caring for others.

We empathize from a heart space so empathy is more balanced when it comes from a grounded heart space.

When we become overly obsessed with other people’s feelings, there is often a leaking of our own energy and a feeling of being enmeshed with the other person.

If you are a highly sensitive person or an over-empathizer, the key is in noticing and observing this behavior.

Is the pattern obsessive or does it amplify a sense of helplessness?

In learning about our own patterns and then allowing ourselves to come back into a neutral space in the heart, we are able to care for others in a more effective way.

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Reiki Heart Journey on Feb 9th!

Reiki Heart Journey on Feb 9th!Mark your calendars. Sunday February 9th there will be a Reiki Heart Journey retreat to fill you up after the busy-ness of holidays and launching into 2014. This is the perfect time to take stock, check back in with yourself, revise those resolutions and have a chance to check in with yourself and see if your resolutions are in alignment with what you really want to do this year.

This is a very relaxed, casual format. We will be sitting around sipping tea and snacking whilst learning about Reiki energy, heart energy, the chakra system, meridian system, and how this interfaces with the entire mind, body and spirit. I have seventeen years Reiki experience which means I have a lot of great stories to share.

You will leave with concrete skills to balance your energy, emotions, and relieve physical pain. It is the perfect class for someone who wants to learn more and has noticed they keep hearing about energy, reiki and other things.

Also, if you are a practitioner, Reiki is the perfect addition to your tool basket to help your clients to bliss out, relax, and heal at a deep level!

Can’t wait for you to join us!! Reiki Heart Journey on Feb 9th!

Reiki Heart Journey on Feb 9th!

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Energy 101

Happy New Year! 2014 is here!

Happy New Year! 2014 is here!Happy New Year!!! 2013 was a year of learning, to say the least. How does it feel to step into 2014?

I know I am feeling the effects of processing some tough December emotions, mixed with some effervescent optimism for January and 2014. I want to float away with the bubbly feeling, but I know that the truth is I need to honor the darker, heavier feelings to be truly balanced. Honesty is the best emotional tonic in this case. It brings me to the place of acceptance and groundedness, then the feeling of peace starts to flow

What is your body telling you? Are you also experiencing a mix of light and darker/ denser emotions, energy and physical experiences! Guess what? There are not mistakes. Love and accept, honor your experience, and take one step at a time! Let go of any feelings that what you are feeling is wrong!!



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Are you a tolerant person? Is this working for you?

Are you a tolerant person? Is this working for you?What are you tolerating that you are ready to let go? Tolerance can result in toxic frustration. Tolerance often has its origins in fear, fear of rocking the boat.

Meditate on what it may be that you need to let go of. (or maybe you already know!) Listen to your intuition. It might be a relationship, a behavior in another person, a behavior in you.


  • I let go of the tendency to tolerate things that don’t work for me [there may be a wide range of things you are tolerating].
  • I let go of the need to please people when it isn’t working for me.
  • I let go of my fear of saying “no”.

Then turn it into an affirmation

  • I commit to listening and honoring my intuition in 2014.

Love and acceptance:
Don’t be hard on yourself. It really doesn’t help. Instead, focus love and acceptance on your “patterns”!

Write about it, meditate, release it. Feel it release from the body. Reorient to yourself and what is healthy for you mind, body and spirit.


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30 Days of Heart-writing for $30

New eCourse : 30 Days of Heart-Writing!

 Join us on January 6th, 2014 for 30 Days of Heart-Writing!! $30 to register

30 Days of Heart writing for $3030 days of diving deeply into the heart space and learning to listen to the inner murmurrings of the heart whispering what you really want to do in this life.

Learn essential heart-writing skils for remarkable living. We will explore:

1. Heart Connection – Attuning to what you truly want.

2. The Heart Landscape – Spending time in the heart, connecting to the inner landscape

3. Your Writing Voice – Connecting to your true voice

4. The Heart – Mind – Body – Spirit relationship and how it impacts writing.

5. Daily Heart-writing Practice – What is your practice? Start now if you want to know yourself better.

6. The Need for Ritual – What is your writing ritual?

7. The Hear in Heart – Really listening the heart, listening to yes/ no signals from the body.

In this type of work, we will encounter emotions, old beliefs, out-dated behavior patterns, and together we will help to purge and release old crap, to make space for listening to deeper truths. 

What do you get?

* Four weekly video tutorials (approx 10 min each) Note: I look nothing like my profile pic anymore!

* Four weekly conference calls with me which will include guest speakers. Woo-hoo! (recordings will be available) This will be Australia/ Asia-friendly and Europe-friendly times!

* Email guidance every other day – a short article to keep you focused on your heart-writing practice and to help you learn the basics of heart-writing.

* Access to a private FB group to ask questions and chit-chat with others participating all over the world! Heart-writing is a movement, baby!

30 Days of Heart writing for $30


More information….(click here if you want the full eCourse description, or click to register if you are already convinced!!)


This is a Mindful Mojo offering, another biz owned by Andrea Rae! Mindful Mojo offers enlightened experiences to awesome humans!


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