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In the Face of Transition


In the Face of TransitionIn the face of transition you might be:
- Moody
- Excited/ elated about the change.
- Despising/ resisting the change.
- Feeling doubtful, unsure, and consumed with a sense that nothing is right with the world.
- Hearing a deep inner voice that reassures and tells you everything will be okay, even through the change.
- In denial with your head down saying la-la-la-la and not really doing anything to deal with the transition.
- Worried, anxious, stressed out maybe all the time.
- Feel abandoned, isolated, and like no one is there to help you.
- Feel grief, and in that process, also, anger, at the loss, at the change.
- You may feel regret, that there were so many things you wanted to do before things changed, but you didn’t and this may feel disempowering.
- You may feel guilt, and you may not know why.
- You may reject support or reassurance, as it may feel too much.
- It may trigger fight and flight responses. The stress of change may be too much for your nervous system.
- You may withdraw.
- You may be really excited about the new things to come but overwhelmed about the logistics.
- You may be excited about the new job, house, marriage, place to live, but it may be more excitement and happiness than you are used to which may trigger thoughts about whether you are worthy of the new events in your life.

Transitions are transformative, taking you to new places that you never thought you would be, changing your life, which often means leaving something behind including relationships, places, things or experiences which you valued and deeply loved.

I think big life transitions change you forever. Be gentle with yourself during transitions. And remember, self care is the kingpin during transition.

Choose to process your emotions as they come up, get support (as much as you can tolerate) from friends and professionals, and allow the energy of the universe to shower you with love and acceptance.

You are a divine being doing the best that you can in the face of deep emotions.

Embrace your divinity and love yourself! Loving yourself through challenging times will make it a much smoother ride!


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Modern Zen

The Art of Self Honesty

The Art of Self HonestyA phrase I use a lot in workshops and in sessions is “Can you be honest with yourself? That’s all we are doing is being honest with ourselves.”

It is amazing how hard it is for us to be honest with ourselves about what is working in our lives and what isn’t.

It is the greatest form of self care to acknowledge and listen to ourselves when things are not working for us in our lives.

How to develop the skill of self honesty?

* Start with journaling about self honesty. In your journaling, ask yourself, “Am I being honest with myself about my life?” Notice the sensations in the body – do you feel opening, a clear feeling in the body, or does your body tighten up? If it tightens, that is a no, and there is more exploration to be done.

* Journal about the aspects of your life that are not working for you. Let yourself be honest, but don’t feel like you need to make decisions straight away, just let yourself be honest and see things clearly. This can be painful.

* Sometimes the things that aren’t working for us aren’t always the big things like job, marriage, family, friends. Often there are many small things that aren’t working like the jeans we wear all the time that don’t fit or feel good, or the foods that we are eating, or the way that we automatically say yes to things to please others. Just be honest – is it working for you or does something need to change.

Allow yourself to delve into the world of self honesty, taking mindful steps into your inner world. No need to trample through your inner world. Be gentle, honest, and kind to yourself. Let me know how it goes in the comments!! The Art of Self Honesty

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Modern Zen

Mindful Mojo Zone Podcast Launch featuring Kelly McNelis

Mindful Mojo Zone Podcast Launch featuring Kelly McNelis

Kelly McNeilis, Founder of Women for One

Do you wonder how writing, meditating, and heart centering work can help guide your choices in life and work?

Kelly McNeilis, founder of Women for One, joined me to share her path to founding Women for One. Her personal experiences using meditation and writing helped her find her passion and pursue her dream of seeing women connected through writing and sharing their experiences.


Highlights of the Interview

We talk about:

* Kelly’s road to founding Women for One

* How Kelly moves past blocks that are holding her back

* The role meditation and writing play in Kelly’s personal life and in pursuing her goals


Listen to the Interview


“The work never ends, but you keep growing and growing. My work with Women for One has opened my eyes and my soul to what incredible possibility there is for everyone in this world. It’s limitless. If you don’t believe it, it won’t happen, but if you believe it, you can manifest anything you want. If your heart and soul are in line with that belief, it actually works.” – Kelly McNeilis


Share the Insights

The heartspace is like a muscle, the more you surrender to what your heart tells you, the larger it will get. [Tweet this!]

You have to trust your intuition %100 percent of the time. It’s always challenging to do this. [Tweet this!]

When I make huge decisions for Women for One, I center myself, I drop into my heart and ask myself – Is this alright? – And I usually get a Yes or No. [Tweet this!]


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Tool Basket

Heart Reiki on Whidbey Island

Heart Reiki on Whidbey Island


It is an understatement to say I am LOVING teaching Reiki from the Rae Ranch on Whidbey Island. Having this last weekend taught three awesome women the nitty-gritty of teaching Reiki, I am feeling ready to launch into a level one class, and soak up the opportunity to teach outside and soak up this June sunshine.

During this level one class we will sit on the covered porch and look out at the gorgeous territorial view, wander down to the pond, sit by the willow tree, and learn about Reiki. I will be providing snacks and a home-cooked lunch – all included in the cost.

Take this opportunity to come relax in this exquisite setting and learn about how energy moves through the body, how to use reiki for self healing, the history of reiki and how to add in techniques to increase the flow of heart energy. A heart transformation expert, I love to share the techniques that I have learned and blend this into the curriculum for the day.

Go HERE to register and follow the paypal link to complete payment.

Please let me know about any dietary restrictions so I can prepare appropriate yummy food and don’t forget to provide me with an up to date email address so I can get ahold of you! Email me:

Be prepared for a great, nourishing day on beautiful Whidbey Island!  Questions : call me, Andrea Rae at (206) 225 4787

Heart Reiki on Whidbey Island


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Energy 101

Three Energy Cleansing Tips!!

Three Energy Cleansing Tips!!Cleansing the energy field

Moving through our every day life we pick up energy along the way. We also generate negative energy through negative thought patterns.

It’s important to be aware when we are “cluttered” in our energy field and to take responsibility for clearing our energy. Let go of “blame” for how your energy feels and take action!

Options – clear with reiki, burn sage and have someone clear the energy field with the smoke, or sit in meditation with the intention to clear your energy of any denser, darker energy that is not serving your highest good.


Who’s attitudes, judgments, opinions and projections are stuck in your energy field? Make the choice to move any energy that is not yours and is not for your highest good out of your energy field. Trust me, you will feel a million times better.


Anxiety and negative feelings feeling out of control? Try jet which absorbs energy. Be sure to cleanse with the reiki, healing energy, or the rays of the moon.

Seeing clients at the Rae Ranch now! Would love to see you!!! Book now!


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