The Victim Story

The Victim Story“The stories you tell over & over, shape you & your world in profound ways.
If you’re living a story that brings you pain, pay attention to your words—be aware of the ways in which you tell & re-tell this story.

Then, stop telling it. Craft a different story.

If you feel victimized, choose a story about your creative power. If you feel abandoned or lonely, choose a story of love & belonging. If you are resentful, choose a story of release & liberation.

Take back your power to shape the stories that shape you.” – Hiro Boga

Inner stories are one of the strongest influences on how we feel on a daily basis and one of the things that only discipline can really transform. That and noticing the feeling in the body when we do shift our stories to a higher vibration story!

The Victim Story


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Crystal Mojo: Labradorite

PropertiesCrystal Mojo: Labradorite

- Deflects unwanted energy from the aura and prevents energy leakage.
- Awakens magical powers amplifying mental and intuitive skills.
- It pierces the veil between our conscious world and our inner world providing more access to other realms
- Activates inner seeing allowing you to connect and see past, present and future events.
- It helps to integrate the energy of duality, aligning us with the interconnectedness of life.
- Assists you in uncovering unconscious beliefs that perpetuate negative emotional states.
- It is a stone to meditate with regarding mystery illnesses, giving you access to more information on the foundational causes of the mystery illness.
- It disconnects your from any tendency to try to control others, reorienting you to your inner world, connecting you with your guides.

Labradorite is a stone that I have used during and after client sessions for a long time, as a stone to clear my energy field between clients, helping me disconnect from my current clients energy, clear the energy field, and reconnect deeply with my inner world, my guides and inner seeing as I transition to seeing the next client. I’m a big fan of labradorite. And, it is very pretty!!! Crystal Mojo: Labradorite


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3 Heart Writing Exercises to Strengthen Your Seedling Dream

3 Heart Writing Exercises to Strengthen Your Seedling Dream1. Try your ideas and visions out on people you trust, who you are already aligned with your vision. This will help you grow confidence, and then gradually you can expand the number of people you share your seedling with, as the sprout gets stronger. Write a list exploring who is in alignment. Tune into the heart, and allow “unexpected” names to surface.

2. Practice heart meditation and the practice of self honesty to clarify what your vision is and to hash out the details.

3. Connecting to your guides: connecting to the heart center and allowing heart energy to flow will bring the aid of your spirit guides and other guides to assist with nurturing your seedling dream. Using meditation or journaling, listen the inner murmurings of the heart to your inner knowing. Notice fear, but allow yourself to stay present and connected to the heart space to help it gently shift.

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Modern Zen

Heart Writing Retreat on Whidbey Island

Heart Writing Retreat on Whidbey IslandJoin us for a day of sacred space to continue to develop your heart writing practice.

We will spend structured time in meditation guided by Andrea Rae to gain a greater connection to the heart space and deepen your connection to true self. This will be followed by time to write and journal using either the exercises provided, or stream of consciousness journaling. Andrea will be offering instruction on what heart writing is, and ways to customize it and make it your own spiritual practice.

Click here for more information and to register!

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Seedling Dreams

Seedling DreamsWhen we have a dream or a vision of something that we want to create in our lives, it can feel so fragile when we start to take action, to make choices to grow the vision.
Taking action can feel like leaping off a cliff. Will I fail or succeed? Do I even want to do this? What will people think? Will people like my creation? Will I like my creation? Am I worthy of an awesome, rocking co-creative experience that everyone thinks is incredible? I’m too afraid, how on earth can I don this?
Like a seedling with a small sprout poking out of the ground, vulnerable to birds or other animals that want to nibble on the succulent sprout, we need to protect our dream, whilst balancing it with the bravery and courage to share our vision with the world.
Be gentle with yourself when you are getting your dream vision ready for the world to see. Gentle, loving energy, laden with self care is essential when you are getting ready to share you seedling dream with the world.
**Next week on the blog! : 3 Heart Writing Exercises to Support Your Seedling Dreams

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