How will you ask for support today?

How will you ask for support today?Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, pushed to our limits, energetically drained, and it takes all of our energy to allow ourselves to continue to do all the things we need to do on a daily basis. 

Take time today to do an inner check, because when we get to this exhausted point, we often find ourselves in a depressed place, wanting to hide. I felt like that this week. 

Ask yourself this: Do you need that time to hide, OR do you need to, at your own pace, get outside, text or phone someone for some support, or connect to online communities that can give you a boost.

Allow yourself to receive support. Too often we say we are fine when we really, truly need to allow ourselves to be nourished by the support that is available.

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Toxic Cynicism

Toxic Cynicism Do you find yourself feeling cynical? Have you formed rigid ideas about people who lack heart and soul? Do you categorize them as bad? Do you believe that they will never change? Do people who very little regard for the earth and our environment, and approach life with self-serving zeal infuriate you?

People who lack heart and compassion are a big trigger for many people. When we witness selfish, destructive behaviors, particularly when they hurt others, it can take us to a place of fury, resentment and toxic cynicism. When we see people approaching life from a self-serving, greed-driven place, it is easy to categorize this person. Even thinking about this sort of person can evoke a strong visceral anger and fury, your body tightening, your throat constricting as you try and stop yourself from screaming in frustration. Toxic cynicism is damaging.

Toxic cynicism has its foundation in a rigid belief in the failings of the human race and the belief that people won’t change. Some people don’t change. Terrible things happen in the world. Somehow we need to deal with the resulting resentment and the way it manifests in our body, because whilst we focus on the failings of others, we block the flow of love in our own body.

How do we clear toxic cynicism?

Clearing toxic cynicism is a challenge, because to clear the energy of resentment we need to let go of our attachment to our beliefs. Energy work takes us out of the head, out of the mental attachment to the belief and helps the energy of the toxic resentment and cynicism to loosen and clear.

Toxic Cynicism

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Peace in Times of Heightened Emotion

Peace in Times of Heightened EmotionFor many it has been a year of transition, change, loss, emotional upheaval, grief, confusion, disappointment, and, for some, devastation.

Whether we personally have experienced upheaval this year or not we can all relate to the universal experience of transition, change and the associated heightened emotions. What is also universal is that when faced with upheaval, often we have no idea how to deal with it.

In our lives we all experience heightened emotions for different reasons and during these times we might feel like we are dealing with the situation poorly, that we should be more in control, that we are not getting over things quick enough, that we seem to inherently be doing it all wrong.

In Buddhism the intention is to observe our emotions, our behaviors, our thoughts, from a place of non-judgment, witnessing the responses that we have to any given situation, and in doing so we notice that there is a shift in how we feel.

Impermanence is a core tenant in Buddhism, and when we are in a state of emotional distress we often feel we will never be happy or “normal” again. Our human tendency is to become attached, caught in looping thoughts, held prisoner by negative thoughts and beliefs about the situation.

When we take the time during times of heightened emotions to meditate, we are able to connect to the compassionate heart. When we connect to the compassionate heart and view ourselves from a place of loving kindness, the shackles of negativity fall away. Likely, we will still need to deal with the cause of our grief and turmoil, but it does help us bring more love and acceptance to ourselves, helping us move through it more smoothly.

It is important in these times to remember that there are no wrong responses, and that the pace at which you are dealing with emotions is perfect. And you will be surprised by how much you grow from it.

Is change painful?  Yes. Is it also life-changing in the compassion that is unlocked – yes, too! We’ve all been there, right?!

Peace in Times of Heightened Emotion

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Announcing the Heart Writing Book!

Announcing the Heart Writing Book!I wanted to share with you guys that over the fall and early winter I am going to be working on a heart writing book to build on the material from the “30 Days of Heart Writing” eCourse.

When it comes to creative transparency there are two schools of thought. Either you protect your creative project like a teeny-tiny baby, keeping it sheltered from the big wide world, allowing it the space to grow and develop minimizing the exposure to what could be unnecessary sensory overload via critique and judgment that your project may not be ready for and which may inhibit or annihilate the growth of your project.

The other perspective is that you announce it, and in announcing it you help yourself to be accountable in writing it by being accountable to the very people who will be reading the book. You need to be ready for the input of others, though, who may have opinions, albeit helpful opinions, but when we are writing a book or working on a creative project we all have different styles.

I have often been the protect-the-baby-at-all-costs type, tending to show a limited number of people my writing and sharing limited information, giving the writing project a LOT of space to grow.

In the case of the heart writing book I will be writing I want to feel more connected to the people who are going to read the book. I know that when we take the next 30 day heart writing journey starting on October 13th, a lot of work will be happening behind the scenes as I learn more and more about what people need and want to develop a heart writing practice that meets their needs.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey. I will be sharing some of the ups and downs of the journey, addressing a key question from heart writing participants on how to transition from heart writing to the so-called real writing or creating when you are working on creative projects. I plan on diving deeply into this issue in the book!

Wish me luck!!

P.S. I would LOVE to have you join me on the 30 Days of Heart Writing eCourse. If you feel like you are ready to get access to a deeper part of yourself, release things that have gotten in the way of you being more “real” in your life, then take the leap and sign up now!!!

Announcing the Heart Writing Book!

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Crystal Mojo: Citrine and Kyanite

Crystal Mojo: Citrine and KyaniteI’m often mixing and matching crystals. I don’t sit down and read a book about it, I just notice which ones feel right together. Often I will have two or three crystals in my pocket, and this is a common pairing – citrine and kyanite.

I love the brightness and the way yellow-orange citrine raises my vibration as it cleanses and regenerates my energy, dissipating and transmuting any negative energy I might have encountered. I love this stone for its aura protecting qualities.

Then, kyanite, this beautiful blue stone, stimulates my intuition and connects me to high vibration energy, helping me hold higher vibration state longer. It also connects me to my guides, which I need if I want to speak my truth which kyanite supports, helping to clear blocks and fears to expressing truth.

Crystal Mojo: Citrine and Kyanite

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