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Nestled in a Northwest Seattle neighborhood is a sanctuary from daily stresses and pressures. A place where you can get unstuck from physical and emotional tensions and feel renewed. Where you can move beyond whatever is holding you back from realizing your dreams. Where you can connect your body to your heart and live in the present.

What is this place? Alinga Bodywork. Alinga Bodywork provides intuitive heart balancing through reiki, shiatsu, bodytalk and massage therapy for discerning clients who want something deeper and more lasting than surface pampering. Using the body as an access point to identify what is affecting you emotionally or causing physical pain, Alinga gives you the clarity and confidence to manifest a new reality.

Are you an over-empathizer?

Over-empathizing can be described as becoming overly concerned with what is going on with other people. Mostly we think of it as a form of compassion, but it can result in people feeling badly for others, or being in shock on behalf of others. People drawn to energy work often have the ability to tune into other people’s emotions in a detailed way. Returning to the body and grounding the energy in our heart space can help relieve some of the stress around caring for others. We empathize from a heart space so empathy is more balanced when it comes …more

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